What Are You Asking God For? – John 14:13-14

February 6, 2022

Today’s guest speaker: Rev. Mike Branch

Rev. Mike Branch, graduated from Columbia International University (formerly Columbia Bible College) with a BA in Bible. Since then, he has served on the mission field in multiple roles around the world, including in Japan, Russia, and Bangladesh, with many other short-term trips in between. He has also served as the associate Pastor of a growing church in Columbia, SC, and today he is the Global Ministries Director for Liebenzell USA.

Pastor Branch says that “through Jesus, God provides an open invitation to ask anything, within certain parameters- in His name and for the glorification of the Father. Then He makes a bold promise, I will do it. Let your faith rise, be bold in your asking, knowing in accordance with His divine will,  He will do great things in you and through you.”


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