The Criteria for joining Abraham at the Heavenly Feast is Faith – Matthew 8:5-13

October 15, 2023

Pastor Frank says:
When the hated centurion came to Jesus for a miracle, Jesus acknowledged that this was to fulfil God’s ultimate purpose. Remember that Abraham believed and it was credited to him as righteousness, Isaac trusted in the Lord, and Jacob wrestled with God. Now, it is not only Jews, the natural lifeblood relatives of Abraham who will join in the celebration feast of Faith, but all who truly believe. The centurion revealed a genuine and true faith, a moving in his heart by the Holy Spirit , which will be the sign of the one who believes. It is your trust that God is your true Father and Jesus is the true Son and the Lamb of God, and he is your Redeemer and your King, and you yield your will to his.

Pastor Frank Guter


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The Criteria for Joining Abrahamat the Heavenly Feast is Faith