The Blessing that Work is – Exodus 39:32-43

September 3, 2023

What do you want to be when you grow up?  That question is asked of us many times during our sojourn through school.  The original journey is from that age of 5 or 6 until you are at least 17 or 18, graduation from high school.  Eventually, you should seek to find a vocation that can be fulfilling for you and support and sustain you throughout your working life, which for many could be 40 or more years.  God presents his creation of the earth and the universe in which it exists as a wonderful work of which he is content and which remains a work of absolute wonder and sheer awe.  Yet into this world we are inserted, as Adam and Eve in a perfect Garden of Eden which we are to work and develop and be responsible for.

Pastor Frank Guter

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