Rejoicing in the Goodness of God – 2 Peter 1:1-5

August 27, 2023

Pastor Frank says:
The Lord’s great goodness is why we have any blessing at all. Our goodness just seems to always get all tainted and ugly. But the Lord’s goodness is pure and undefiled. That is the crucial difference for us in our need for God’s goodness to intervene. Our part of God’s goodness is directly connected to LOVE. The love of God and our love for Him in return and for one another as a consequence. The problem is that this world can drive all goodness away. How else do you explain a person who takes delight in the pain and destruction of others? Or who revels in the downfall of others?  We worship the Lord, whose goodness is constantly transforming us into our best selves. Is that not a really good deal for us?

Pastor Frank Guter

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Rejoicing in the Goodness of God