Jesus Being in the World But Not of This World – John 19:25- 30

May 14, 2023

Pastor Frank says:
The concept of mother is built into the very foundation of the Scriptures. Adam names Eve, his wife, because she will become the mother of all the living. This image is repeated to Sara in Genesis 17 – you will have a son and thus become the mother of all who follow. There needs to be a separation, Jesus gives his mother to his beloved disciple, John, and grants her some earthly comfort as he goes on to heavenly bliss. When a man marries, he is to leave the home of his father and mother and establish a new home with his wife. God knows this role is built into our lives. All of us were born of a mother. This truth should help us to always nurture people in their faith.

Pastor Frank Guter

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Jesus Being in the World but not of this World