Do You Experience the Blessings of Justification? – Romans 5:1-2,8-11,15-18

March 3, 2024

Pastor Frank says:
Righteousness is being worthy. Since we are unable to do this to the satisfaction of holiness. But due to sin, we who are broken and crooked, need to be straightened out to conform to God’s holiness. So, justification does this: it straightens us out so that we can live in God’s way. We need to be awarded justification, so that we then free to live in Christ, to be in Christ, to conform to Christ.  The peace of God which passes all understanding and helps us to rest in God’s grace anoints us with the blessing of justification. We are not under accusation anymore. Are you blessed by this?

Pastor Frank Guter

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Do you experience the blessing of justification?