Can God Be Trusted in Difficult Circumstances? – Genesis 12:10-20

August 20, 2023

The Lord’s call to Abram was about blessing the whole of the human race.  Egypt represents a mixed bag here. What is evident is that the power of the Pharoah is to be feared.  He is in a position to take whatever he wants.  So, Abram does not trust in the Lord but in his own wits.  This is what God is seeking to change in him.  He is seeking to have him walk by faith.  But in our everyday world, there are challenges hard to overcome.  Who stumbles on their journey of faith?  Everyone, David, Peter, even Paul struggles with a thorn in his flesh.  So, you are in good company.  Do not push away from the Lord but push into him.

Pastor Frank Guter


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Can God Be Trusted in Difficult Circumstances?