Pastor Gary M. Stevens is our guest speaker today.  His message is titled “What If I Don’t Feel Hope?” from Psalm 146:5-6.

As Christmas comes nearer on the calendar, Christ draws nearer to us.  Christmas is a season of Peace, Faith, Love and Hope.  Churches around the world focus on these blessings of God with us in Christ his son.  However, often when we focus on Christ with us we still see the world about us and become confused.

What if we do not feel the peace of Christ?  Or the Love of God?

Today we ask the question, “What if I don’t feel hope?”  Is there hope for the world?  Is it sometimes easy for us to say, yes.  It is just as easy to turn on the news and again feel hopeless.  Christmas time is a time to remember the one and only Hope that has come to us in Christ.  Let us reflect on the Hope and release our fears and worries into the hand of the One who is our Hope.

Pastor Gary M. Stevens

Pastor Gary M. Stevens

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