Today’s message from Pastor Verlan Van Ee

Pastor Verlan returns to the Red Story-line of Scripture today with a message entitled – Trans-Missions: From the WORD to the World.  Have you ever been stranded, stuck or befuddled because of a faulty “transmission”?  It seems in Acts 1:6 the disciples are “still stuck” on the little Kingdom of Israel restoration question.  What’s “the fix” when the Big Vision and mission of God in the WORD is not getting transmitted to the World?  When Jesus says “…you will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8) what does that look like in your life?  What are the components of “an effective human transmission?”  How can we communicate the power of God’s Word to the world today where so much seems to “get lost in translation.”  Color coding our messages “green and red” may be a helpful start.

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