Pastor Verlan Van Ee brings us today’s message.

To be Green and GROW GREEN for the Glory of God is not easy!  This week we explore the Three Groans for an Extreme Green Makeover, that expectantly call to us from Romans 8:22-27.  As we begin to embrace the reality “That the whole creation has been groaning…” and thus, “we ourselves… groan inwardly as we wait eagerly…”; and third, that even…” the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans…”; then we experience regeneration and the hope of restoration.  This is an ultra-glorious coming to grips with the brightness of “Pentecostal Green” and the cosmic scope of our redemption!  Being Green apart from the Holy Spirit is tough. But Being Pentecostal Green is absolutely transformational. “By this renewal of our mind we re-discover and re-engage in doing God’s will;”… His good, pleasing, and perfect will”! (Romans 12:2)

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