Faith Church – Sunday Morning 5 April 2015

Today we complete our Lent Tree series on Easter Sunday by looking at the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead to pay for our sins, and we’ll look at the Tree of Life in Revelation 22:1-6 with its many glances and symbols of eternal life with Christ.  Rejoice in the truth that “He is risen, just as he said!”  Jesus asked Mary that first resurrection day.  “Why are you crying?  Who is it you’re looking for?”  She didn’t yet know he was risen, we do and our answer is “For You, Jesus!” Always be looking to and for Jesus whatever comes your way.



Pastor Van Engen

Audio Recording of Today’s Special Music with Brief introduction–>Easter Medley


Audio Recording of Today’s Service–> Resurrection and the Tree of Life

Sermon PowerPoint–> Resurrection and the Tree of Life