Matthew 19:16-26; 7:21-23; 7:15-20; 25:31-46; 13:24-30

Peter Knapp says that, “in looking at various passages from Matthew we will see it is not obedience to the law (the Rich Young Ruler, Mat 19, 16ff), nor through any good works we might do for God (False Disciples Mat 7,21ff) nor through a having the right doctrine (The Sheep and the Goats Mat 25:31ff), but solely by having a relationship with Jesus. This relationship may not be visible to other people—at least not at first; therefore, we are not to judge others (Weeds among the Wheat Mat 13 24ff).  But in the end the organic relationship will bear fruit. Knowing Him is the key.  Do you know Him?”

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How Do I Get Eternal Life?

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