Pastor Van Ee

Today’s Message: Pastor Verlan’s message is: “A Gracious Reminder Regarding Life in the World:Be Informed, Be Insured. NOTE: Far and Near There’s No Better Coverage than Cross Peace Assurance.”

Secular society, which is separated from Christ and without God in the world, has nothing of lasting value to offer: no community, no promise, and no hope. Only in the cross of Christ can we find peace with God and peace with each other. Thus there is a vertical “cross peace”. The vertical assures us that through the blood of Christ we are restored to direct access to our Father God. The horizontal “cross peace” breaks down dividing walls and becomes the bridge beam that brings all kinds of people together in the one body of Christ.  [Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to upload the audio of this sermon. We apologize for any inconvenience. -a/v team]