Below is a written description of how to find us, but here is a Google Map insert to help you find our church:

View Faith Presbyterian Reformed Church, 10, Chalan Pago Ordot, Guam in a larger map

How to find us:

If you are coming from the East (on Route 10 from Mangilao, the University, Andersen Air Force Base, etc.) go west on Route 10 past the Payless Supermarket on your left and continue down the hill. At the bottom, you will see Father Duenas High School on your right. Just after that you will see our sign (photo below) and the driveway/street leading into the school. It also brings you to the Onuri Korean Church which is right next to Faith Church. Be sure to turn LEFT into the FIRST driveway before Onuri where you will see the gate and the Faith Church sign.

Our sign on right side of Highway 10 in front of Fr. Duenas Memorial High School when coming from Mangilao. Turn right at this sign.

After you’ve turned off Highway 10, Turn left just before this sign (and before the entrance to Onuri Church parking shown behind our sign.)



If you are coming from the west (Chalan Pago, Route 4, Hagatna and locations beyond), the sign and driveway/street will not be so visible. From the intersection of Routes 4 and 10, drive eastward and when you come to the hill going down, stay to the left. You will see Father Duenas High School on your left coming up, so slow down and move into the center turn lane. The signs and the driveway/street are not so easily seen from this direction but are about half-way down the hill. Turn left into the driveway/street and you will see the school on your right and the Onuri Korean Church on your left. Turn sharply left into the FIRST driveway before Onuri and you will see the Faith Church sign and the gate.


Faith Church sign by the front gate

After your left turn this Faith Church sign by the front gate will be on your right.

Continue a little ways and the church will be near the bottom of the paved driveway on the left, parking also to the right or at the bottom by the office entrance.

Side of Faith Church showing lower level entrances to Pastors Study (private) and Classrooms/Offices.

Park and come in and join us to receive and give the blessing of your company.